Levine Builders’ experience spans a complete range of construction management and general contracting services for a variety of projects. As every project is unique, we provide our comprehensive expertise from inception to completion.

Our team of experienced professionals work together to ensure all aspects of the preconstruction, mobilization and construction process are effectively managed and controlled to ensure a successful project.

Pre-Construction Services

Evaluating site conditions and completing zoning analysis enables our team to incorporate necessary pre-planning activities into a developed site logistics plan, including all site safety engineering requirements. Our executives internally coordinate consultants and trade contractors responsible for preconstruction planning requirements and performance. In collaboration with Douglaston Development, our affiliate, we determine construction feasibility and costs as well as timing and design.

Leveraging decades of experience, the team reviews site plans and specifications provided by the project architects and engineers for design approval. We utilize this information to inform and prepare construction estimates, budgets, as well as a project completion schedule with coordinated and integrated requirements set by our affiliates. Our team collaborates with Douglaston Development throughout the pre-construction process to meet all benchmark dates.

Extensive knowledge of design systems enables the team to assess feasible construction methods while working with the design team to determine value and realistic options. We then recommend best systems, including construction economies and alternate methods and materials, while remaining consistent with Douglaston Development requirements and sound construction practices.

Construction Services

Levine Builders acts as Construction Manager with the option to enter into a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and as General Contractor through a Fixed Price Agreement. These contracting strategies are based on the quality of contract documents, governing agency, lender requirements and most effective project delivery methodology.

Our team acts as a seasoned leader through all steps of the construction process. Beginning with procurement, bid review, and subcontractor recommendation and approval with the development team. The process is streamlined by our coordination and conduction of project status updates, weekly check-ins with project architects, consultants and contractors, and monthly requisitions with lenders. 

Overseeing all field operations, including safety training, informs our hands-on approach to monitoring design requirements for cost control, as well as changes to order management and participation in monthly requisitions. 

Finally, our team oversees the final transition of the asset, including punch list commissioning and operational turnover with required warranties, guarantees, as-built plans, and documentation.